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Frameless Glass Balustrades

Marlborough Glass can customise the production of frameless glass balustrades to suit your design and specification. Our balustrades are suitable for internal or external requirements and pool fence installations.

Versatile and made to last our glass balustrade hardware can be used on concrete, steel and timber surfaces. They can also be used with architectural glass for many fittings, including glass stair installation, balcony and deck railings and deck glass.

Our glass balustrade hardware includes a variety of aluminium channel extrusions, handrail cappings, stand off fittings for bolt-on situations and a range of stainless steel clamps. All fittings can be concealed and the channel can be side-fixed or base-fixed to timber, concrete and steel. Panels are fully adjustable for glass alingment and easy re-adjustment if the deck structure moves. 

Contact Marlborough Glass (Blenheim) when you are designing your balustrade, we are happy to provide advice on fixing methods and on relevant building codes with which you must comply. We service the whole Marlborough region.